FUENTE: Mathologer
25 de julio de 2020

Bit of a mystery Mathologer today with the title of the video not giving away much. Anyway it all starts with the quest for equilateral triangles in square grids and by the end of it we find ourselves once more in the realms of irrationality. This video contains some extra gorgeous visual proofs that hardly anybody seems to know about.

Here are links to/references of some of the things I mention in the video:

Joel Hamkin’s blog posts that inspired this video:

Here is another really good article which includes a nice characterisation of the triangles that can be found in square grids plus a very good survey of relevant results:
Michael J. Beeson, Triangles with Vertices on Lattice Points, The American Mathematical Monthly 99 (1992), 243-252, https://www.jstor.org/stable/2325060?…

Sadly Scherrer’s and Hadwinger’s articles are located behind pay walls:
Scherrer, Willy, Die Einlagerung eines regulären Vielecks in ein Gitter, Elemente der Mathematik 1 (1946), 97-98.
Hadwiger, Hugo Über die rationalen Hauptwinkel der Goniometrie, Elemente der Mathematik 1 (1946), 98-100.

The music in this video is by Chris Haugen, Fresh Fallen Snow (playing in the video) and Morning Mandolin (for the credits)


Burkard Polster